Monday, June 30, 2014

1954 Dodge 500 Royal Convertible by Brooklin Models

Dodge, is an American brand of automobiles manufactured by Chrysler Group, Auburn Hills, Michigan. Dodge vehicles presently include the lower-priced badge variants of Chrysler-badged vehicles, though for much of its existence Dodge was Chrysler's mid-priced brand above Plymouth.
 The 1954 Dodge Royal 500 Convertible was a pretty and quite desirable Dodge that was a package model fashioned after the Royal convertible that paced the 1954 Indianapolis 500. The 500 package included Kelsey-Hayes chrome plated wire wheels, an exterior spare tire mount, special trim, and a 150-bhp version of Dodge's Red Ram V-8.
The model  from the year 1990 has a little bid hard lines but the styling is good despite too high body. Extremely good are the chrome parts including the radiator grille, hood ornament, hint of the fins and spare tire mount. Strange impression of the semi-gloss black canvas roof  is followed by Pace Car Yellow color. This Brooklin model is easy to buy, even after years.

Brooklin 1954 Dodge Royal 500 Convertible

1954 Indianapolis Official Pace Car

 Manufacturer: Brooklin Models
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: 1990-1993
 Part Number: BRK 030
 Material: White Metal
 Rating: 7/10