Thursday, November 20, 2014

1956 DeSoto Adventurer by Collector's Classics

In this article  have a collectible rarity and beauty in one: The famous 1956 DeSoto Adventurer by Collector's Classics!
The DeSoto Adventurer is an automobile produced by the Chrysler Corporation and sold under its DeSoto automotive marque from 1956 through the 1960 model year.

The 1956 Adventurer was DeSoto's top-level answer to the Chrysler 300B. Both were high performance vehicles with top speeds of 144 mph. Besides speed, the popularity of the Adventurer was enhanced by its strikingly good looks. These cars were based on the legendary designer Virgil Exners Forward Look body. The Adventurer boasts a stunning exterior with a color-sweeping paint scheme, a pillarless hardtop, chrome bumpers accents, taillights ascending up the rear fins, Gold name plates, spoke wheels, cleverly placed rear-view mirrors, and a jet inspired windshield. Exterior colors were restricted to three colors in six combinations: white/gold, black/gold and the extremely rare white/black. By reversing colors, you had six combinations from which to choose.
The Adventurer's manual was signed by DeSoto President L. Irving Woolson. "It isn't very often that any man or woman has the opportunity to see one's dream come true," he wrote, "but a dream of ours has become a reality in your new DeSoto Adventurer. We believe it to be the finest DeSoto ever built. May I congratulate you on your choice of this superb automobile."
These words describe my feelings at the magnificent model Desoto Adventurer by Collector's Classics - Buby. Buby was the original name of the company which first sold model cars in Buenos Aires in about 1958.  It was founded by Harolodo "Buby" Mahler.  The quality of Collector's Classics was excellent for the era. Each model was assembled by a person who signed a sticker attached to the base plate. I love this detail - my model is made by Gladys - many greetings to my unknown… When it comes to detail and quality, the Buby's Collector's Classics line is without equal. Similar, somewhat, to the vehicles produced by Brooklin Models, the Collector's Classics line is much more affordable and highly coveted by collectors world over.  All chrome parts are metal, not plastic! Model wears a nice hand-rubbed paint, and a very detailed beige matching interior and real white wall rubber tires. This is one of only 3.000 units produced in this original color scheme white/gold, individually numbered in the chassis casting and on the perfect box. Numbered Certificate included - No.00298.

Unfortunately, this Argentinian company is no longer in business, so many of these vehicles are becoming increasingly harder to find as the years slip by. I can imagine the fantastic quality of the Collector's Classics models with today's technological possibilities!!

 Manufacturer: Collector's Classics
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: 1987
 Part Number: 00000
 Material: DieCast
 Rating: 9/10