Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1961 Ford Thunderbird by Franklin Mint

Ford introduced their third generation Thunderbird in 1961 and were quickly given the nickname 'Bullet Bird.' The cars nickname evolved from its pointed nose, a very symmetrical shape,  big round taillights inspired by a jet engine, modest fins, and projectile inspired lines. The new and much sleeker styling reflected the era in which it was hatched; the early 1960s was the Space Age.
The Sports Roadster was a limited production version of the convertible which added Kelsey-Hayes designed  chrome wire wheels, bucket seats and a passenger side grab bar to the front dashboard. The most striking addition to the Sports Roadster was a fiberglass tonneau cover that covered the rear seat, giving it the streamlined two-seater racer look purists loved, but removable to make it a four-passenger car. Its bucket seats featured large headrests, and in combination with the cockpit styling of the dashboard, it gave a futuristic sense of in-flight performance that was part of its charm. Under the hood was a 352 cubic-inch V8 that produced an impressive 300 horsepower.
The Franklin Mint model is finished in Sahara Rose color with black interior. Model is from 1989 year - series Classic Cars of the 60's.

Fiberglas tonneau cover

Big round taillights

 Manufacturer: Franklin Mint
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: 1987
 Part Number: PW33
 Material: DieCast
 Rating: 6/10 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1961 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe by Brooklin

The Chevrolet Impala was a full-size automobile built by the Chevrolet division of General Motors from 1958.
The 1961-1964 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe introduced America to the concept of a sporty full-size car. Up to that time, the sporty full-size car was a virtual oxymoron: two concepts that just didn't work together. With its Super Sport edition of the restyled 1961 model, Chevrolet was out to change that perception.  The new body styling was more trim and boxy than the 1958–60 models. Sport Coupe models featured a "bubbleback" roof line style for '61, and a unique model, the 2-door pillared sedan, was available for 1961 only. It was rarely ordered and a scarce collectible today.
 Common knowledge for Chevy fans is the tailight configuration. The Impala was distinguished for many years by its symmetrical triple taillights, all other models had two lights on each side.
Brooklin Models only makes this beautiful coupe. Sleek lines describe the Impala name (name from the southern African antelope). Advantages of the model is well balanced shapes and proportions,  nice original color Roman Red with white stripes. Handicap - the lack of chrome details.
This beautiful model from the years 1993-2000 I bought on eBay for £ 33.00.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

1958 Ford Edsel Citation Convertible by Franklin Mint

This is one of the most beautiful and most impressive models of Franklin Mint Classic Cars of the 50's. It is perfect 1:43 scale replica with unique lines and unique spirit, painted in the car´s original color of "Chalk Pink"/ Frost White. Stunning  6 seater convertible is the highlight of any collection of American cruisers.
The Citation represented the highest trim level available within the Edsel brand. In addition to deluxe interior appointments, the Citation also received extra stainless steel details and a gold-anodized aluminum cove panel. The cove (or rear quarter-panel "scallop") could be painted either the color of the body or the color of the roof, in this case -  white.
This model with a beautifully executed details is very difficult to obtain in mint condition. With many detailed parts is very sensitive.  When you search model for your collection, you must  be careful.  The model was made in the year 1987 and on the most models is missing the viewfinder on the driver's door and hood ornament. Also attaching the hood may be damaged.
Model is re-created with attention to superb detailing from its truly distinctive "horse-collar" grille to the front wraparound parking lamps and color coordinated hub caps.
Brooklin manufactures the same model, but with the lack of details.

 Manufacturer: Franklin Mint
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: 1987
 Part Number: KC72
 Material: DieCast
 Rating: * * * * * 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

1956 Lincoln Continental Mk II by Franklin Mint

Mention the world luxury to an automobile aficionado and chances  are the first car he'll think of will be the Lincoln Continental. The original Continental had won great renown for Ford during the early 1940s and continued through the 1948 model year. The new Continental was not unveiled until  1956.
 Like the earlier model, the 1956 Continental Mark II managed to convey a sense of style and class.  It was distinguished by a long hood and relatively short deck.  The aggressive grille and front wings are still here, and a luxury version initially added the spare tyre-shaped boot.  The interior  was, as  might be expected, a sort of parlor on wheels. When each Mark II left the Dearborn factory, it was wrapped in its own flannel-lined shroud which was not to be opened until the automobile reached the dealer.
This fine model in my collection is Franklin Mint from The Classic Cars of the 50's series. The clean, classic lines are faithfully recaptured in a perfect 1:43 replica with meticulous attention to finishing and detail. From the famous  "Frenched" headlights and distinctive hidden exhaust outlets in the rear bumper to the detailed engine and the ladder-style cross member frame. Chrome window frames are perfect, as the hood ornament. Black original color is perfectly polished as  on the original vehicle.
In the year 1987  model cost including delivery the American consumers $ 55.00, now you can buy it on e-Bay. 

Nice detail of  exhaust outlets in the rear bumper
 and Continental logo.

Detailed frame and two tone interior.