Sunday, November 29, 2015

1939 Graham Paige Roadster "Sharknose" by IXO Models

1939 Graham Paige Sharknose Roadster by Ixo Models

American automobile manufacturer Graham-Paige operated from 1927 to 1962. Like many automotive businesses, Graham-Paige struggled during the Great Depession. It was decided that a substantial and distinctive restyle would increase sales of the faltering brand.
Amos Northup of Murray Corporation (major body supplier to Lincoln, Ford, Reo, Hupmobile, Hudson) was hired to design a new model for 1938. The result was the radically restyled Model 97, which the company dubbed 'Spirit of Motion'. But when the public took one look at the protuberant beak it was immediately dubbed the „Sharknose.“ The new car looked like it was going 60 mph when standing still.The fenders, wheel openings and grille all appeared to be moving forward.  Once past the unusual prow, the Sharknose was quite attractive.  Everything was rounded off in streamlined Art Deco fashion, and the rear fender was given skirting to make it look even more streamlined.
The 1938 Graham was praised in the American press and by designers. It also won the prestigious Salons D'Elegance in Paris, Lyons, Bordeaux and Marseilles.
The Sharknose was sold in the 1938, 1939 and part of the 1940 model year; less than 8,800 were produced in total.
By comparison, there were over 4,100 Packard Sixes sold in 1938 alone. Over 81,000 Oldsmobiles were produced in '38. In 1939, the debut year for Mercury, over 75,000 examples were made.
At least two 'Spirit of Motion' convertibles were created by European coachbuilders. One, produced by a Belgian shop, Vesters & Neirinck, has been modeled in 1:43 scale by Ixo Models.
This is a beautifully-done roadster '39 Graham-Paige as done in 1/43 by IXO in their Museum Series. Sharknose Grahams are fascinating and attractive cars, and this very neat red model captures the look extremely well.
Dominated by the prominent hood with a forward sweeping nose and a grille that slanted backward, its Sharknose nickname came naturally. The grille is set off by four horizontal chrome strips, the top one continuing to the rear of the car and incorporating the door handles.
For the price, paint and detail work are really impressive; glossy red paint is flawless, every piece of trim is either plated or bright printed chrome. Interior details are all present and correct, too; shift and brake levers, upholstery patterns, and the  instrument panel with legible gauges, are all accurate.  Don’t miss out.

 Manufacturer: IXO Models
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: 2008
 Part Number: MUS013
 Material: DieCast
 Rating: 8/10 


  1. Ixo Museum is a really lovely series of nice modelcars with a very good end. This Graham looks excellent and the colour is very typical of these cars. Now we just need a Graham Hollywood, don´t you?

    Regards Golfman

  2. Hi Keko. I agree, yes, I also like Graham Holywood. Unfortunately, the one that produces Brooklyn is very rude and totally lacks the elegance of the actual car.