Thursday, July 29, 2021

1955 Chrysler C-300 Hardtop Coupe by Brooklin Models

 BRK 19A 1955 Chrysler C-300 Hardtop Coupe 

1955 Chrysler C-300 Hardtop Coupe and 1961 Chrysler Imperial Convertible

1955 Chrysler C-300 Hardtop Coupe and 1961 Chrysler Imperial Convertible

 Manufacturer: Brooklin Models
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: x
 Part Number: BRK 19A
 Material: White metal
 Rating: 8/10 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

1938 Phantom Corsair by Brooklin Models

 1938 Phantom Corsair by Brooklin Models

The Phantom Corsair is a prototype automobile built in 1938. It is a six-passenger 2-door sedan that was designed by Rust Heinz of the H. J. Heinz family and Maurice Schwartz of the Bohman & Schwartz coachbuilding company in Pasadena, California. Although sometimes dismissed as a failure because it never entered production, the Corsair is regarded as ahead of its time because of its futuristic features, and styling cues such as faired-in fenders and a low profile.
The Phantom Corsair's steel-and-aluminum body measured just 57 in (140 cm) in height. Rust Heinz planned to put the Phantom Corsair, which cost approximately $24,000 to produce in 1938[7] (equivalent to about $370,000 now).
The Phantom Corsair now resides in The Harrah Collection in Reno, Nevada. 
This Brooklin Model is one of the very easy to get models.

 Manufacturer: Brooklin Models
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: 1974
 Part Number: 33
 Material: White Metal
 Rating:  7/10 

Monday, April 13, 2020

1937 Dodge Airflow Tanker Texaco Truck by Matchbox

1937 Dodge Airflow Tanker Texaco Truck by Matchbox Collectibles

The Dodge Airflow truck was a special request model truck that Dodge introduced in late 1934 and available through 1940. It used styling cues from Chrysler and DeSoto Airflow automobiles. Most of the units produced, a few hundred, were fitted with streamlined tank truck bodies, and were used by major oil companies, like Texaco, Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (Mobil) and Esso (Standard Oil of New Jersey).
Airflow trucks were based on standard Dodge models, so from an engineering point of view they were rather conventional, despite their striking look. They had waterfall grilles similar to Airflow cars. Several pieces still exist, mostly restored in automobile museums.
In 1990's, Matchbox honored THE PIONEERS OF PROGRESS TRUCKS COLLECTION in their Models of Yesteryear by presenting 6 die cast replicas. One of them is this model in bright red color with high quality paint finish and print graphic.

 Manufacturer: Matchbox
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: 1990
 Part Number: YYM36834
 Material: DieCast
 Rating: 8/10 

Monday, April 6, 2020

1952 DeSoto Firedome 8 Sedan by Franklin Mint

1952 DeSoto Firedome 8 Sedan by Franklin Mint

The DeSoto Deluxe is an automobile produced by DeSoto from 1939 through to the 1952 model year. While in production, the Deluxe was DeSoto's entry-level car, and was offered primarily as two-door and four-door sedans. The Deluxe range also included the extended-wheelbase Suburban sedan. The body was claimed to be "rust proofed".
The Firedome was powered by a Hemi V8 engine producing 160 hp (120 kW) and had a top speed of 100 mph (160 km/h).
The 1952 DeSoto 4-door Sedan was available as a DeLuxe, Custom and Firedome 8. In all, 45,830 Firedomes sold in 1952, making it the most popular model for the year.
Franklin Mint's beautiful model is made to the highest possible quality at the time of production. Plenty of chrome parts, including window frames, trim and ornaments. Printed logos, signs and legible lettering. Detailed interior in two-color design including color steering wheel and incredible amount of chrome details like handles instruments etc. The chromed grille of the mask is absolutely wow. The model is in the original color DeSoto Golf Blue.

 Manufacturer: Franklin Mint
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production:
 Part Number: UK13
 Material: DieCast
 Rating: 10/10 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

1951 Mercury Monterey 2-Door Coupe by Franklin Mint

An automobile marque of the Ford Motor Company, Mercury was founded in 1939 with the purpose to market entry-level-luxury vehicles that were slotted in between Ford-branded regular models and Lincoln-branded luxury vehicles. All Mercury models are today based on Ford platforms. The Mercury name is derived from ‘messenger of the gods' of Roman mythology. In the beginning years, Mercury was known for performance.

This Mercury Monterey (model 72C) was introduced in 1950 as a high-end two-door coupe as part of the Mercury Eight series in the same vein as the Ford Crestliner, the Lincoln Lido coupe and the Lincoln Cosmopolitan Capri coupe in order to compete with the hardtop coupes General Motors had introduced the previous model year.
This is the first 2-door Hardtop 1951
The 1951 Mercury’s are considered the all-time 50’s “Hoodlum” or “Bad Boy” car. Popularized by James Dean in the 1955 movie Rebel Without a Cause (in black livery).

Franklin Mint model is painted as original in turquoise with a brown roof, it’s equipped with bumper guards, fender skirts, a winged hood mascot, full-size Mercury wheel covers and wide whitewall tires, all part of the Monterey formula helping to differentiate a higher-end vehicle from lesser models.

 Manufacturer: Franklin Mint
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: 1987
 Part Number: KE16
 Material: DieCast
 Rating: 7/10 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

1935 Duesenberg SJ Gurney Nutting Speedster "Maharajah Holkar of Indore" by TSM Models

Surprisingly, one of the most beautiful bodies of Duesenberg was not created in the US but was made to order in England.
This speedster with chassis number  2614 J-585 has a really interesting history. The voluptuous speedster body was designed by A. F. McNeil and built by J. Gurney Nutting & Co. Ltd. in the fashionable Chelsea district in London for Maharaja Holkar of Indore, India and commissioned through a British sales agent R.S.M Automobiles Ltd of London.
Now about that futuristic master dandy (which he really was!), Maharaja Yeshwantrao Holkar II.  He ruled Indore State from 1926 to 1961. Yeshwantrao Holkar was known as a true automobile connoisseur with probably the most extraordinary collection of cars in India! Not to forget that he was also a major international collector of the finest art, such as architecture, artefacts and jewelry, all designed in the futuristic ‘Modern style’ or Art Deco, which was also to be found in his cars.
Maharaja always had a passion for the best cars. His stable include several Rolls Royce's , Bentley's, Delage D8S by Figoni, Pierce Arrow, Bugatti, Bentley, Hispano Suiza etc. In 1936 at the age of 27, the Maharaja ordered three superb cars, a 4.5-litre V12 Lagonda drophead coupé,  a Bentley Aerofoil coupé, and this open SJ Duesenberg, all finished in the striking Holkar colours of Sunglow orange and Black.
Destined for a life of royalty, the Gurney Nutting Speedster was built with unique, lavish features including a like chrome flagsticks, as well as red and blue lights on the front fender to indicate whether the Maharaja (red) or Maharani (blue) was driving the vehicle.
Upon its completion, the Duesenberg was delivered to the Maharaja’s mansion in Santa Ana, California due to fears of Japan invading India. After the tension in the region dropped, the automobile was shipped to India, then disappearing over time and thought to be lost until its rediscovery in 1959. The outstanding car was brought back to the U.S., eventually acquired by General Lyon and now resides in the Lyon Air Museum - Santa Ana, CA.

TSM (True Scale Models) has released a very accurate and beautifully made resin-cast model of the car in its current form that’s as gorgeous as the original. The two-tone paint is excellent and every piece of trim, even the tiny Maharajahs flags, is done with plated or photo-etched parts. If it’s visible in photos, its visible—and to scale—on the model! Interior detail is done to the same level, with accurate upholstery, black-painted relief interior handles, fully detailed instruments, pedals, built-in license plate holder, dual fuel tanks, and single-bar bumpers.  This is a beautiful model of a drop-dead gorgeous car. The only inaccurate detail is a little bit oversized Duesenberg ornament on the radiator.

Unfortunately this beautiful model is sold out. TSM also produces this type in Silver Old-Time livery, but it's not pretty at all. The Duesenberg collectors must have this Maharaja Sunglow orange and Black. Happy collecting!

 Manufacturer: TSM Models
 Scale: 1/43
 Year of Production: 2012
 Part Number: TSM134302
 Material: Resin
 Rating: 10/10